Pandem Kodi 2 (2019) Telugu Mp4 Video Songs

Actors: Vishal, Keerthi Suresh, Rajkiran,
Director: N. Linguswamy,
Production: Praveen Daniel, Akshay Gada, Jayantilal Gada, Vishal
Duration: 2h:35m
Released Year: 2018
imdbRating: 5.2
Plot: A minor conflict becomes a feud in a village resulting in the death of Pechi's husband. Durai protects the last person responsible for the death of Pechi's husband, while all others got killed in the feud. The son of Durai, Balu, returns to his village. Durai convinces the villagers for the festival celebrations at the temple to show their unity to the government for the sake of a dam project for the drought-stricken village. Pechi decides to kill the rivals while Balu stands in between them. Balu falls in love with a quirky girl, Sembaruthi. When a serious problem threatens his love and his father's word, Balu decides to put an end to the feud.
Folk_Dance_Keerthi_Suresh_-_Pandem-Kodi-2.mp4Folk Dance Keerthi Suresh - Pandem-Kodi-2
Meesa_Munna_Vettakadu_-_Pandem-Kodi-2.mp4Meesa Munna Vettakadu - Pandem-Kodi-2
Paalaksha_-_Pandem-Kodi-2.mp4Paalaksha - Pandem-Kodi-2
Sichubuddi_Pillagada_-_Pandem-Kodi-2.mp4Sichubuddi Pillagada - Pandem-Kodi-2
Sivangi_Pilla_-_Pandem-Kodi-2.mp4Sivangi Pilla - Pandem-Kodi-2
Sooriyadu_Chandradu_-_Pandem-Kodi-2.mp4Sooriyadu Chandradu - Pandem-Kodi-2
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